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It is a use case that immerses the user in a sprawling open-world shooting range housing a multitude of pigeons nestled among the rolling hills, forests, lakes and rivers of the breathtaking countryside. safe area; If the gun fires, it is the area where it is absolutely impossible for the bullet to hit the living thing directly or indirectly (by bouncing).


The safe area in open land is an earthen embankment. An empty land that opens up to infinity is never safe. Because behind any barrier, a tree, a bush, in a pit; It may be that someone we do not notice is found and enters the range as soon as we shoot. Shooting sports can be categorized by equipment, shooting distances, targets, time limits, and related athleticism ratings. Due to the noise of shooting and the high (and often deadly) impact energy of the projectiles, shooting sports are typically done either at designated permanent shooting ranges or at temporary shooting ranges away from residential areas.




One of our biggest goals is to be a sensible meeting place for high quality and defensive armament in all aspects of users' lives. It provides efficient defensive methodologies for those who want to develop firearms, tactical operations and defensive skills.


Weapons used for personal defense purposes are considered smart, practical personal defense practices. And it is largely ignored. Being prepared for random acts of violence determines important consequences in all areas of life. By working on self-defense training and tactics, we prepare ourselves to deal with these traumatic events. Relying on martial arts or other fighting methods is not always the best choice. As long as you are trained and certified, there are suitable firearms that you can provide for your personal defense when necessary.




It is a field of use for professionals in the field, such as military workers, collectively and within the limits determined by the state. All uniformed personnel performing operational, support or specialist functions are considered military professionals as they meet the criteria set out below. Members demonstrate their professionalism by:


Adopting military values;
To reach and maintain the point where a member has attained the necessary conditions for first employment in a profession,
To follow the highest standards of required expertise,
To understand, accept and fulfill all commitments and responsibilities inherent in the use of weapons.

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