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As TREX DEFENCE, we dedicate all our investments to our efforts to produce the highest quality and variety of products for our valued customers. As TREX DEFENCE, we provide the production of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment worldwide. A proven and reliable weapon design with available technology options for sports, self-defense and tactical needs awaits you in TREX DEFENCE.


TREX products are proven by their commitment to excellence, innovative design, creative process and marketability.


TREX to every user; It pays attention to the same design as the equipment published by other government standards, whether civil, law enforcement or military. We continue to develop creative ways to strengthen durability through manufacturing techniques, and we quality check each of our products, ensuring that every element in the manufacturing process is tested for consistency.


We fulfill the necessary criteria in product acceptance with raw material control. Our entire quality system, which is based on standardization rules, is carried out in a healthy way and its results are reflected in the quality of our service. We follow every step of the production process that we maintain together with our quality experts.


TREX products have a combination of high quality materials, the best technique and know-how. Recently, TREX has also gained new technologies to increase production efficiency, and all refurbished firearms are subject to certain tests.


By using advanced design techniques and latest technologies, by constantly increasing our R&D studies; As an international brand with our quality products with the highest standards accepted in the world markets, and with our advantage of immediate accessibility in after-sales services, we constantly produce innovative solutions.


For faultless production and perfect results; We plan all stages meticulously in line with the production we aim for. We take care to ensure that the quality of the first product and the final product are always the same. We create the technical designs of the weapons to be produced and make preliminary calculations.


When the measurements made give the desired, the plans are given to our production departments.

Quality manufacturing is carried out by acting in line with the criteria, work flow chart, customer expectations and needs determined by the R&D and planning department through various tests and analyzes.




In our R&D center; We add value to our customers by developing innovative products with our high-tech equipment and dynamic staff. We constantly renew our design and production by following developments and innovations.




While we bring our unique designs, produced with the passion of excellence, to every part of the world, from the end user, we take care to ensure that the first product and the last product that comes out of our production area are of the same quality.




We continue to offer you the best quality product range in the sector by combining our experience and knowledge with technology in our production facilities equipped with the latest technology.




In line with the goal of high quality products; All products produced under the umbrella of TREX are delivered to you by statistical analyzes and necessary tests during all production stages.


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