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As TREX DEFENCE, we were producing shotguns at the beginning. Later, we started to produce tactical and defensive weapons with US-like features that not only filled the shortcomings in the shotgun market, but also attracted the attention of the world. After a short time, we continued to rise with a strong team by getting stronger and introducing new models and cutting-edge innovations. We have succeeded in presenting quality and trust together with our experienced team, which aims to increase our export volume even more by continuing to take place in the world market.


Since our establishment, our most important principle has been to provide quality and robust products that meet the emerging needs. We never compromise on the original ideas that make TREX products unique and excellent. We work with a qualified team of mechanical engineers, most of whom are within the company. Our experience in technical matters enables us to make all kinds of designs, machines and molds. We can do all the jobs our customers desire in our world.


As a TREX brand, our company, which will continue to intensify its investments in this field by closely following the technological developments, adopts a production system synchronized with the world. We have always kept our excitement of being a strong and permanent voice in the international arena with our product portfolio that we have developed based on the changing and renewed needs of our customers. In this way, where we are progressing among strong representatives as the leader of Turkey in the sector with 100% domestic capital, our goal is not only to produce but also to provide long-term product production based on quality. Our design thinking in our products is to offer defense products on par with the best in the world, adhering to the philosophy of "innovation and smart". We continually add valuable insights to our design understanding and are committed to delivering products with enhanced functionality, high aesthetic appeal, precision and performance.


TREX quality policy sets out to envision the future with a new defense technology that combines precision engineering and operational excellence. With our quality-oriented manufacturing, we set a new benchmark by transforming all kinds of products that meet user needs into high-performance products.


A forward-thinking design approach and superior quality materials are essential. Our product engineering is constantly expanding the boundaries. But we do not design for the sake of design. We take a customer-focused approach and always ask, “What are the features of this design that will benefit those who will actually use the product?” We ask the question. And even if it is the best design in the world, your product is useless if you use poor quality materials. That's why we manufacture our forward-thinking designed products using only the best materials.


We believe that performance-oriented reliability is important. All products of TREX, above all all defense, sports etc. It has been designed and manufactured to help meet your needs in areas such as That's why we take reliability and durability very seriously and test our products to ensure they are always more successful. If we notice negativity even in a pattern, the product returns to the drawing board. And since not everyone's idea of ​​performance is the same and needs change over time, we make our firearms fully customizable.


Most firearms "manufacturers" are content to simply assemble parts made by other manufacturers, many of which are based overseas. Not TREX. We use the latest technology to manufacture our own parts. And once manufactured, we apply coordinated measuring machines, optical vision systems and proprietary quality control measures and technology designed in-house to ensure that every component meets or exceeds our stringent standards.




To offer products produced with the philosophy of "innovative and technological",

- To always deliver our products to the end user with the most advanced technology,

- Design and build complete platforms for individual and crew-served weapon systems,

- Stay humble and focus on providing best-in-class systems for users in need of weapons,
-To follow the new generation technology in the field of defense industry by increasing the quality of the service we offer by adopting the philosophy of continuous development.




By closely following the needs of our customers operating nationally and internationally; To have original products with the awareness of innovative, continuous development, sustainable growth, scientific, quality-oriented and timely delivery concepts.


To be a company that adds value to its country and its customers and is followed in the sector, together with our valuable employees, whose experience we are proud of, in our facility equipped with the best quality service and the highest quality products, in the competitive environment of the new century, by preserving our corporate values ​​that we have created in our past.


• Making the privilege a standard for all our customers,

• To create a safe and damage-free working environment,

• Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology to create sustainable productivity and long-term profitability,

• To fully meet the developing and changing technological needs in the arms industry and to make it indispensable for all branches of industry.




TREX; With the rapidly depleting natural resources, the importance of the environment is increasing day by day; believes that it is one of the most important treasures to be left to the next generations in the future. Continuous development and improvement is ensured by following all legal requirements related to the environment. All of our employees and suppliers are informed about our responsibilities to the environment and their participation in the process is ensured.


Acting with the awareness of protecting and developing the natural environment and leaving a more livable environment for the future, TREX, which acts by minimizing the possible damage to the environment in all its production and operational processes, also carries out important works in order to spread environmental awareness to the masses.

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